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The Chilterns - Summer 2023 Proposal
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The site

The Chilterns is situated on a prominent site in the town centre, with the Chiltern Mainline to the north, Priory Road to the east, Church Street and Queen Square to the south, and Frogmoor to the west.

The site covers approximately 2.7 acres, with external shops on Frogmoor, Queen Square and Church Street, a shopping mall, and a parking deck accessed on Priory Road. The site does not include the building which is occupied by Subway, or the student accommodation fronting Frogmoor.

Site location

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The location is sustainable for new homes, within walking distance of town centre amenities, local employment and leisure, public transport, shops and more.


The character of High Wycombe has changed throughout history, much of which can be evidenced by the buildings we see today. Our site includes several buildings of importance that we will restore as part of the proposed development.


Frogmoor was once a bustling trading centre in medieval times. During the mid-19th century a number of commercial enterprises operated there including the likes of a timber yard and sawmill.

Around the same time, Frogmoor Gardens were purchased by Mr J O Griffits, who gave them to the Borough Council as a gift to be enjoyed by the local community.

Mr Griffits developed the garden area, paving it with York stone and adding a grand water fountain. They opened in April 1877.

The area has been home to a wide range of businesses throughout its past including the Palace Cinema, a Gunsmiths and Tesco, who in 1963 purchased a site in Frogmoor to build their first store in High Wycombe.

Hen & Chickens

In 1888 JG Peace, a local tailor, constructed the Hen & Chickens building as you see it today. His name is still visible on the left hand gable.

A plaque at the front of the building provides the impression it was established in 1775 however, this actually refers to the date of the original building on this site, which was home to the Hen and Chickens pub amongst other businesses.

After the rebuild in 1888 the name of the pub was retained, but it is understood that the premises have not been used as a pub since. Instead various tailors have operated out of this building, all the way through the 1950's and well into the 1980's.

Chilterns Shopping Centre

The Chilterns opened for business in 1987 and played a significant role in changing the face of the town centre. It was built at a time when places like Watford and Milton Keynes were eager to attract people away from other towns.



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